Of hope and other epithets

We begin this web site experience with this blog. A great challenge to connect and to share with our visitors feelings and thoughts about the subject that bring us together: Guaviare, this not well-known land and tourism, as a new hub to put forth territorial updated perspectives.

Among Colombian diversity of regions, we will find out: a heaven’s satellite city, both Caribbean and Pacific pearls, golden gates villages and cities, an eternal spring city, heroic, musical, beautiful, surprise cities and many others epithets outstanding citie’s poetical, cultural, social or environmental aspects. In such a context, San Jose del Guaviare is the “Capital of Hope”, sharing the epithet with Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

Capital de la Esperanza
River port, San Jose del Guaviare

Guaviare’s modern colonisation process (in the etymological sense) started in the 20th century with encouraging central policies, extraction economies rushes and forced population movements because of the long and painful violence process. Populations coming from all over the country and abroad joined nomad indigenous communities inhabiting the area. Nowadays, all this transcultural interaction strengthen a new culture, the culture of hope.

Settler’s dreams materialized this hope by opening new lands to build a better future. I want to mention here my maternal grandparents who came in the 50s to set their principal residence. They raised nine children (old fertility times) leaving a legacy that inspired my motivation to become a guide.

Today we are witnessing a great regional transformation through the visibility and trust after peace process, also through the evolution of tourist activities. One thing can be said in confidence: hope remains, according to the proverb, While there is life, there is hope, but also because society, nature, cultural vestiges abound in beauty, history, contrasts, life… it all abound in hope.

Therefore, we hope viveguaviare.com becomes an information and a reference site about the region, as well as we hope this blog, beginning with this entry, to be an excuse to meet you in consensus and dissension, within a mutual respect backdrop.

If you have any idea or text to enhance the dialogue, please contact-us.


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