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Guaviare is a plethora of natural and cultural elements intermingled. There are so many possibilities to enjoy and to contemplate, as they are particular. A Peace Destination in Colombia inviting you to enjoy and to support local sustainable and participatory tourism.

Green tourism: nature and ecotourism

Nature is our hostess First Lady playing the main role: leading us along coloured rivers, astounding paths over forests, natural savannas and rock outcrops with multiple shapes. Lush places to admire a large number of birds, river dolphins, monkeys, mammals and invertebrates so as plants and fungus… in brief: a long list far for being classified. New species are been continuously discovered, few scientific and academic studies have been made as the region recently opened its gates to the world.
In Guaviare, tourism takes place in classified areas: Forest Protection Reserve, Protected Area, Archaeological Area, National Peasant Reserve, Integrated Management Area, Preservation and Comanagement Area… a broad range of mechanisms stressing the ecosystems importance and the imperative need to protect them.
In addition to plans allowing you to discover Guaviare, we also offer specialized plans in birdwatching and monkeys.
Vive Guaviare invites you to coexist with these life spaces of conscious leisure seeking joy in protection and sustainability.

Cultural tourism

Many scientific and academic papers are beginning to talk about a huge archaeological vestige. We still ignore about the authors or the origins of these mysterious and significant expressions from ancient times. In La Lindosa plateau, near San Jose del Guaviare urban area, there is one of the largest Palaeolithic art complexes in the world, related with Chiribiquete’s one in terms of analogies and proximity. Researchs have also found evidences of anthropogenic soils, formed after thousands of years of traditional practices.
Originary settlements heritage in the region is rich and invaluable, such as the actual presence of more recent settlements who found an ideal environment to put down roots. Indigenous and rural communities, people coming from all over the jungle, the country and the world arrived to conform this multicultural mosaic of Guaviare’s identity.
Current social and demographic composition in Guaviare has been formed during the last century from multiple colonisation processes. Encouraging central policies, extraction economies and illicit crops had become in an armed conflict we want to leave behind with peace process and replacement economies. In such a context, besides indigenous and rural people who found in sustainable tourism an alternative productivity, former combatants invite you to visit their new integrational peace villages, leading you by ecological paths, showing the new production processes in a new civil life.
With Vive Guaviare, you will be warmly welcome with genuine smiles and open arms, same as we do with the new members of this big family.

Geotourism: landscapes and sunsets

In a brief geo-historical overview, first tracks of territory’s existence go back far into the mists of time: igneous nepheline syenite rock outcrops, unique in Colombia and very uncommon in the world, date back to Precambrian. They are structural basements for impressive and later sedimentary elevation complexes, carved by the wind, the water, the minerals… by the very life itself.
In the lowlands, you can admire foothills and alluvial floodplains interspersed with gallery forests, savannas and different water sources, so you would achieve the whole picture: a rife landscape reaching its maximum splendour every time the sun sets in the horizon. You may know these Colombian regions are known for the beauty and frequency of sunsets.
Vive Guaviare invites you to visit tepuis, stone villages, tunnels, caves, spring waters, wells, cracks, bridges, lakes, waterfalls… a wide array of sites sheltering the remains of this long-term evolutionary process.

Experiences, sensations and emotions

Getting into each site means to take tertiary rural roads and ground roads, driven by experts local drivers. Once there, we will walk along variable surface paths, good for all ages with the necessary precautions. We will also make boat rides in where life-jacket use is mandatory. Traditional tastes in different communities will be part of breaks throughout the journeys: a large amount of products and dishes as smoked fish in the indigenous way, fish in sauce, fish Monseigneur, red meat in traditional grill, steaks, and hamburgers. Vegetables as manioc and its products (casabe, farina…), rice, plantains and so many fruits like araza, cocona, asai, copoasu, pineapple, watermelon… plenty enough for all kind of appetites.
Why not to refresh your body in any kind of sources after a nice walk under the sun, or just with the rain. Your spirit will be full of living memories you will treasure upon having felt these forms, colours, sounds, smells and horizons.
By the time you will leave, you will realise coming to Guaviare will have been the best decision made in order to discover unique new places in Colombia, off the beaten paths, hidden under the cloak of a turbulent pass. Despite of the media, this region open its gates to the world so you could appreciate its authenticity, its beauty, its values and its charm.

For all this and more, come and live Guaviare.

Vive Guaviare.

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