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La Lindosa Plateau and Guaviare

  A landscape’s short tautology We have confronted the use of terms like Abya Yala, Cem Anahuac or Pacha, among many others names given by as many different groups and languages living or having lived in “America” or the “New World”, these last words unaffiliated with the vision of the people from the lands they […]

Guaviare at a glimpse, off the beaten path

Quick travel guide for you to visit Guaviare’s large tourist offer. We advise you to spend at least 3 days, ideally one week.

Hills for painting

Let’s talk about some interactions generated between tourist activities and paleolithic rock art in La Lindosa plateau, San Jose del Guaviare.

Colombia means doves’ land

The day Colombia ceased to be #1 in birdwatching. 2021 led to atypical results in Global Big Day for the Colombian context.

Of hope and other epithets

An interpretation exercice of the region after its appellation to opening this web site and this blog entries section.